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Ethically Sourced Local Honey

Raw honey is raw honey – nothing added, not processed, not flavoured – just separated and filtered from the beehive into the jar. Our honey is a an Ethical Honey – our beekeepers have taken all measures possible to make sure the bees have been cared for like they deserve. After all, they are the masters of the product. We have added value to the experience of honey – with a nice package. Our honey is the perfect gift  – not a commodity.

Yanchep Bees

Coastal Honey and Carabooda Honey

Our Yanchep Honey comes from different apiaries, where the bees forage for nectar from a variety of floral sources.
Our coastal honey from September -November the bees forage mostly on Peppermint trees and Malaleucas.

The Yanchep “hinterlands” is part of a vast vegetation area called the Banksia Woodlands. The honey from this area the bees have forage mostly on Banksias and Marri (Red Gum).

The coastal honey is rich in citrus and floral flavours.
The hinterland honey has a rich caramel flavour.

Meet the Beekeepers

Daniela Boksjo

Daniela Boksjo is a hobbyist beekeeper (apiarist). She lives in Yanchep and look after five beehives on few different sites here. Even with just a few beehives, it’s hard work when the trees and flowers are blooming.
Daniela is an instructor at the Yanchep Institute and holds courses in beekeeping and she also developed a skincare product range (“Beeautify” ) made from honey.

Liz Stambulich

Liz Stambulich is a well-known apiarist from Yanchep with over 40 years of experience keeping bees and has been making many exciting products from honeybees such as propolis, infused honey and lip balms. She has developed her brand “Lizzy Bee” locally sold in shops and pharmacies around Yanchep.

Liz keeps her beehives in her backyard, and she has been a mentor to many young and aspiring beekeepers.

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Our sister company - Beeautify

“Beeautify Yourself and the World” is a privately owned company in Western Australia, attracting conscious consumers looking for producers with the ambition and mission to source traceable ingredients from ethical suppliers, develop formulas, manufacture, market and sell cruelty free and natural skincare products handcrafted with love and respect for the bee’s work.

The idea is to produce natural and handcrafted skincare products from unique formulations for:

  • Face: honey cleansers, moisturisers, masks
  • Body: bodywash, hand soap, soap bars, lotions
  • Hair: shampoo, conditioner, repair
  • Men: shaving cream, lotions

Beeautify’s target audience is a subset of an emerging segment of people who care about the impact their habits have to the world. They are not unsuspecting buyers; they are conscious buyers.